Doors open at 5:30 PM
Early Bird Game Starts at 7:30 PM

Admission: $10.00 - includes 2 packs of (18) game strips (6 cards on each) Additional packs - $5.00 each

Game pack (6 cards) & Early Bird pack (6 cards) FREE on your birthday week (Sunday-Saturday) with paid admission

Game pack (6 cards) FREE to Senior Citizens (60+) on last two Bingo nights of each month with paid admission.

EARLY BIRDS (4 Games) $2.00 for 4 strips of 6 cards

#7 QUICKIE Coverall (Black Border paper strip) $1.00 each

PROGRESSIVE #1 4 POSTAGE STAMPS (25 Numbers or Less $500. / 26 numbers or more $100.00 * payout and numbers increase if not won) $1.00 for 1 strip of 3 (purple Paper)

BONANZA BINGO $ 1.00 each

PROGRESSIVE # 2 Lucky 7 (16 numbers or less $500 / 17 or more numbers $100 * payout and numbers increase if not won) $1.00 each.

PROGRESSIVE # 3 JACKPOT (White Paper Strip) $1.00 for 1 strip of 3 cards

COVERALL (Pink Paper Strip) $1.00 for 1 strip of 3 cards

************VFW POST 1503 HOUSE RULES ************

1. No patrons under the age of 14 years old are permitted in the bingo hall. A person over 14, but under 18 years of age may play Bingo only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. State Gaming Laws prohibit minors from purchasing or playing Instant Pull Tab games.

2. All Bingo paper sales are final. NO EXCHANGES!

3. All persons playing Bingo must have a current paid admission ticket. Each ticket must be completely filled out to include name and address.

4. Unruly/undesirable behavior will result in expulsion from the premises without refund.

5. Payout may be reduced if attendance is less than 150.

6. EXCEPT FOR BONANZA BINGO, you must have the last number called on a winning bingo. Call out loud and clear. It must be heard by the caller. Hold your hand up so volunteers can see who has BINGOed.

7. Bingo cards are to be marked only with bingo daubers. Please keep the center space numbers readable for verification of a winning Bingo.

8. A regular Bingo is:
    a. Any 5 numbers in a row including the free space. They can be diagonal, vertical or horzontal or

    b. A postage stamp in any corner, or

    c. Four (4) inside or outside corners, or

    d. A Double Bingo is any two (2) of the previously mentioned regular Bingo's on the same card.

9. Bingo payouts are limited to the game currently being played. Payout for a subsequent game
WILL NOT BE PAID until the current game is closed and the caller announces the next game and calls at least one number.

10. Players will be paid for only one (1) Bingo per card.

11. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the bingo hall.

12. Television monitors are there for your convenience, no number is valid until called.

13. Please turn your cell phone to vibrate or off.

Unfortunately we are unable to please everyone. The thermostat is permanently set at 72 degrees.
If you are cold natured, Please dress accordingly.

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